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Blended Learning 

Blended learning courses combine online, self-directed (asynchronous) coursework with a virtual classroom experience (synchronous). A virtual classroom is scheduled on a specific date and time, is facilitated by a trainer, and involves using an online meeting environment.

Effective Use of Home Visits

This series is divided into three courses:

Part One:       Preparing Effective Home Visits (112-10A-DL4-S)
Part Two:       Conducting Effective Home Visits (112-10B-DL4-S)
Part Three:    Documenting and Debriefing Effective Home Visits (112-10C-DL4-S)


For each course you will complete a short, self-directed online module at your desk, apply the concepts learned to current cases, and discuss your experiences with a facilitator and colleagues during a two-hour Guided Application and Practice (GAP) virtual classroom session.

Registration: If interested in this series please contact your RTC.

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