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Strengthening Your Family Webinar Series
The Center for Adoption Support and Education 
Providing free webinars until 5/30/2020. Most will likely to count towards the six hour ongoing training for assessors. However, remember your Director or whoever signs the JFS 1680 has final approval of which training will meet the requirement.
Certificates of attendance are provided by C.A.S.E. 
Capital University Family and Youth Law Center has worked very hard to get their Safe and Together CORE Days One and Two available online for our caseworkers. Trainees must complete all 4 days (see schedule) in order to receive Training Credit.  This training does meet the 12-hour DV requirement per OAC 5101:2-33-55. Once training is completed, OCWTP Staff will add this training to the individual's E-Track Supplemental Training History.  
Safe and Together CORE
Capital University Family and Youth Law Center 
Image by Christian Erfurt
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