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The Design Lab


The Design Lab is a resource put together by the OCWTP's Distance Learning Team in collaboration with Trainer Development to support you in making the best design choices possible so that your course will be the most effective for your learners.

The Design Lab is periodically updated with new resources and best practices. Topics include development, visual design, engagement, and facilitation.  Check it out!

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Virtual Classroom Design

In this interview with Cindy Huggett, we are provided some foundational ideas about effective eLearning.

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Going Virtual: Tips for Moving Instructor-Led Training Online

The author provides an overview of a few of Cindy Huggett’s top recommendations and ideas for ways to engage learners in the virtual classroom.


Effective Virtual Training: A Road Map for Success 

“In this interactive webcast, you will learn the three critical components to every successful virtual training program. You’ll also discover five keys to designing interactive programs, five skills that effective virtual facilitators need, and three considerations for participant setup.”

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Ready to Use Activities for Virtual Training

“Captivate your virtual class participants with these ready to use activities. You’ll hear activity ideas in 5 categories: openers, games, technical topics, interpersonal skills, and closers.”

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5 Techniques to Design Interactive Online Training

In this white paper, Cindy Huggett provides 5 ways to design online training that is engaging and promotes learning.

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Virtual Classroom Presentation

It's Still Training: Best Practice Facilitation of Distance Learning

OCWTP Developed Course. Best practice facilitation of distance learning requires trainers to use all of the skills used in a traditional classroom, but often differently. In this self-directed online course trainers will learn strategies to design effective distance learning courses, engage participants in distance learning events, gain technology competence, ask questions to provoke rich dialog, and multitask and mange time when facilitating a distance learning. 

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The Doctor Is In: A Prescription for Virtual Training Success 

This white paper by Cindy Huggett identifies 4 common challenges faced by trainers in the virtual world and provides ideas for solutions.

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10 Things Every Virtual Presenter Must Do for Success

“Discover 10 simple yet powerful techniques master trainers and presenters use to deliver virtual events with real energy and real success.”

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Digital Presentation Skills: 5 Key Tips to Sharpen your Message

In this webcast by Cindy Huggett you’ll learn:

  • Assess your current “digital literacy” as a virtual presenter

  • Learn to use your favorite GoTo tools to engage remote audiences

  • Master presenting yourself professionally with clear audio and video

  • Join a live GoToWebinar demo, plus much more

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The Keys to Engaging Virtual Classroom Training?

The author provides an overview of a few of Cindy Huggett’s top recommendations and ideas for ways to engage learners in the virtual classroom.

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Three Key Differences Between In-Person and Virtual Teaching

Cindy Huggett helps us understand which skills transfer from classroom learning to the virtual world and which skills need to be adapted.

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Virtual Training is Much More Than a Presentation w/ Cindy Huggett

“How can you translate the in-person learning experience to an effective virtual classroom? This episode answers that question. Discover the misconceptions people have about the virtual classroom experience and get tips and techniques for facilitating an effective virtual learning event. You’ll hear how to increase the interactivity and collaboration of the virtual classroom so that participants get involved.”

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