Virtual Classroom

The OCWTP offers a variety of virtual classroom courses, where participants and an instructor gather online at a scheduled date and time (via Go to Training), for a highly engaging learning experience. This is also known as live, synchronous online learning.


Depending on the length of the course it may be broken two or more sessions. For example,  a six-hour course can be split into three 2-hour sessions. Engagement strategies include chat, polling, quizzes, hand raising, screen annotation, paired-chat breakout activities, etc. Attention and participation are closely monitored throughout virtual classroom sessions.

Participants enroll in virtual classroom sessions via E-Track, following the same steps used for face-to-face training registration.

While we strive to keep this list current, the best way to see the full list of virtual classroom offerings is to check out the Online Event Calendar or log into E-Track and search by the local learning code of DL3 or DL4 (and immediately self-enroll).

Promotional Flyers for Upcoming Virtual Classroom Sessions

Child Psychopathology and the DSM V (for caseworkers & caregivers)
Ethics in the Electronic Age (for caseworkers, supervisors, & caregivers)
Self-Harm in Children and Teens (for caseworkers & caregivers)
Substance Use And Abuse Among Children and Adolescents (for caregivers)
Supervision in Ohio: What the 'S" Really Means in "LISW-S" (for caseworkers & supervisors)
Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder (for caseworkers & caregivers)
Supporting Others in a Pandemic (for caseworkers & supervisors)
Casework During Covid (Caseworkers & supervisors)
CAPMIS Virtual GAP 2020 (caseworkers & supervisors)
Supporting the Child in your Care During a Pandemic (for caregivers)
Ethics 3R's:  Recognition, Resolution and Response 
Assessor Refresher
Ethical Slippery Slopes: From Good Intentions to Blurred Boundaries
Anxiety Disorders Among Children and Adolescents: Recognition and Interventions
Caseworker Core 6
Caseworker Core 6 Lab

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