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OCWTP webinars are 60- to 90-minute online presentations (via Go to Webinar), designed to disseminate information to larger audiences (generally 50-150 people). While webinars include polls, hand raising, and the ability to submit questions/comments to a moderator, they are not as interactive as virtual classroom sessions. Most OCWTP webinars are recorded and include companion materials, such as learning assessments, discussion guides, and lists of resources to learn more about the subject.

The OCWTP's first webinar series was started in the spring of 2017. Titled "Lunchtime Live," this series consisted of one-hour webinars designed to improve understanding of substance use disorders and their impact on child welfare practice. Each month, participants heard from a different leader in the field of substance abuse prevention. Six webinars were offered, each of which was recorded and made available for self-directed viewing. 

Learn more about or view Lunchtime Live webinars.

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